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Most Recently Added and Updated Albums
Gallery Night Providence - August 17, 2023
Gallery Night Providence at AHARI - August 17, 2023
17 photos - updated 8/18/2023
Mirror Spectator with Alin K Gregorian
1 photos - updated 6/29/2023
Reception Opening - May 6, 2023
Multi-Media Genocide Exhibit Curated by Berge A Zobian
7 photos - updated 5/16/2023
The Resistance Network with Khatchig Mouradian
13 photos - updated 4/17/2023
History of the Armenian Weekly
Armenian Weekly with Pauline Getzoyan
2 photos - updated 4/17/2023
Laura's journey to her grandmother's house in occupied Armenia.
Connections with Laura Gaboudian
1 photos - updated 1/29/2023
5th Anniversary Celebration - Open House
22 photos - updated 10/25/2022
Little Armenias
1 photos - updated 8/7/2022
A House in the Homelnad
A House in the Homeland
1 photos - updated 4/24/2022
The Missing Pages - story of the Zeytun gospels.
The Missing Pages
1 photos - updated 4/24/2022
How the art of a genocide survivor changed the face of Jerusalem
Armenian Ceramics
1 photos - updated 4/24/2022
Armenian Traditional Dance in Diaspora
Armenian Traditional Dance
1 photos - updated 4/24/2022
Witnesses to the Armenian Genocide with Varoujan Karentz
Witnesses to the Armenian Genocide
6 photos - updated 11/5/2021
Artsakh Update: Threats to our Cultural Heritage
1 photos - updated 11/5/2021
Treasured Objects with Susan Pattie, PhD
Treasured Objects
2 photos - updated 9/7/2021
The Quiet Genocide with Julia Boyajian Dadekian
The Quiet Genocide
1 photos - updated 9/7/2021
My Mother's Voice with Kay Mouradian, PhD
My Mother's Voice
1 photos - updated 9/7/2021
Refugee Experiences in the Caucasus with Asya Darbinyan, PhD
Refugee Exerpiences in the Caucasus
1 photos - updated 9/7/2021
Translating Western Armenian Script on the back of old photos and letters
Translating Western Armenian Script on Photos
4 photos - updated 9/7/2021
First Annual AHARI Virtual Armenian Picnic
First Annual AHARI Virtual Armenian Picnic
1 photos - updated 12/12/2020
Our Heritage as Armenians - Standing Against Racisim in America with Der Yeprem Kelegian
Standing Against Racism in America
1 photos - updated 12/12/2020
The Armenian Vegan Kitchen Cookbook with Lena Tashjian & Siroon Parseghian
The Vegan Armenian Kitchen Cookbook
1 photos - updated 12/12/2020
Dr Levon Yepiskoposyan presentation from Yerevan
Genomic Reconstruction of the Fractured Homeland
1 photos - updated 12/12/2020
Sts Vartanantz Men's Club Presentation
Not in Our Back Yard - Sts Vartanantz Men's Club
6 photos - updated 12/12/2020
Hamazkayin & AHARI day trip to Metropolitan Museum in NYC, October 2018 - extraordinary exhibit or Armenian artifacts.
Metropolitan Museum Day Trip
2 photos - updated 12/30/2019
Grocery stores established & operated by early immigrants and/or first generation Rhode Island Armenians.
Grocery Stores
5 photos - updated 11/21/2019
Presentation by Ruth Thomasian, Founder & President of Project SAVE in Watertown, MA.
Looking at Ourselves - Ruth Thomasian - photos by gvkimages
8 photos - updated 11/18/2019
Photos taken by Gary Lind-Sinanian, ALMA on June 11, 2013.
AHARI Artifacts - Photos by Gary Lind-Sinanian
42 photos - updated 11/7/2019
Artifacts including the following collections: JBagdasarian, BSlater, MWoloohojian, JYeremian
Artifacts May/ October Exhibits 2017-Photos by Sevan Donoyan
29 photos - updated 11/7/2019
Photos by Berge Zobian of Gallery Z.
Artifacts _ Photos by Berge Zobian
12 photos - updated 11/6/2019